The Espiguette lighthouse

is open to visit !

This emblematic lighthouse between dune, fauna and flora, has just opened its doors for the first time to the public.

Recognizable thanks to its original square shape and its black color (visible from the sea), it was inaugurated in 1869. At the time it was located only 150 meters from the shore. Over time, waves and the silting of the coastline, it is today more than 700 meters from the sea!
The Espiguette Lighthouse has lit the coast and guided sailors for almost 150 years now.

From its 27 meters high, the 360° view is breathtaking.

Info, prices and reservations on the website by clicking here 

Please note, reservations are required to access the lighthouse tower.

Additional information, the Baronnets natural parking area is subject to a fee, think about cycling, the cycle path leaves the campsite and arrives almost at the foot of the lighthouse. And for lovers of walks with their feet in the water, you can reach the Espiguette lighthouse via the beach.