Kite Surf

The Espiguette campsite is located between 2 popular spots, the one on the Espiguette beach accessible on foot from the campsite and the one on the South beach, the mythical “Port K spot”. Beginners and experts meet on these spots with remarkable conditions.

When the tramontana or the mistral wind blows, it is a whole game of sails that takes shape above the sea. A show for the uninitiated and a pure pleasure for the amateurs of nautical glide.

Our natural spots offer ideal sailing conditions, all year round.

The SUP (Stand Up Paddle)

The SUP are here part of the decor on the seaside or in the marshes of Camargue.

Accessible, easy, fun, fitness and friendly, this sport is unanimously appreciated. A good way to tone up while walking along the water.

The Wingsurf

A new way to glide, we see more and more of it on the seaside. The Wingsurfer holds the sail in his hand and lets himself slide on his board. Once the mastery of the basics is acquired the windsurfer can add a foil and there it becomes magic.

It looks so simple…

To let yourself be pulled and propelled by the force of the wind, to play with the elements, there is nothing like it to recharge your batteries.

To start ?

Go to our kite schools. The courses take place on the mythical spot of the beach of Espiguette or South Beach. Each student is permanently equipped with a radio in connection with the instructor.

At the same time, the instructors teach the weather, safety and navigation rules, equipment maintenance, and how to choose a sailing area.

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