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Espiguette campsite at Le Grau du Roi

If for you holidays don’t rhyme with lazing around all day, the Espiguette campsite in Le Grau du Roi is a good starting point for discovering, visiting and walking around the region. Whether you want to shine around the campsite or go further, here are some ways to discover our beautiful region. And why not do it by bike or on foot…. Enjoy !

Things to do at Le Grau du Roi

  • Horseback riding, 5km – 5min by bike, 1.5km – 3min by car
    Essential activity, whether you are a beginner or confirmed, discover the marshes, the pine forest, the fauna and flora of the Camargue.
    Several ranches are located less than 3km from the campsite. Moreover, before your arrival at the campsite you must have seen the many Camargue horses with their white coats, they represent a real emblem here.
  • Visit to the Espiguette lighthouse, 4.5 km – 14 min by bike, 4.5 km – 9 min by car.
    Visiting the Espiguette lighthouse means discovering a unique place where nature is omnipresent. Located on Pointe de l’Espiguette, classified as a natural site in 1994 and a Grand Site de France Camargue Gardoise in 2014.
  • Nautical activities, 13 min by bike (about 4 km) and 10 minutes by car (about 6 km).
    Sailing, towed buoy jet ski, Flyboard, pedal boat, boat trip, kite surfing, paddleboarding… There is no shortage of activities at Grau du Roi. To find out more, visit the Tourist Office website.
  • Port Camargue, 13 min by bike (about 4 km) and less than 10 min by car.
    Port Camargue is one of the obligatory passages when you come to Grau du Roi. Its 5000 boat places make it the 1st Marina in Europe.
    Strolling and strolling along the quays listening to the sound of the sea, it’s so pleasant. Some sites, including the harbor master’s office built by Jean Balladur in 1973, have been classified as 20th century heritage. Jean Balladur was inspired by what he had seen in Florida to design the Port Camargue marina. The marinas, villas on the water, are oriented towards the sea and the garages are replaced by pontoons: you moor your boat in front of your terrace and the sea is omnipresent. A unique lifestyle along the water.
  • Seaquarium, 13min by bike and 8min by car (about 5 km).
    More than just an aquarium, it is an institute committed to the protection of marine biodiversity. Organized in interactive routes, you will discover a large number of Mediterranean and tropical marine species from the seahorse to the shark, including turtles and jellyfish. This giant aquarium of more than 2,400m² devoted to marine life, the Seaquarium teaches man a new relationship with animals. A major player in actions to preserve, research and improve the seabed for 30 years! A must visit for families.
  • Arenas, 6km—19min by bike –10min by car.
    At the Espiguette campsite you are in the Camargue and who says Camargue says bulls, who says bulls says Camarguaise races or swimming pool bulls, the choice is yours! Anyway, you cannot leave Grau du Roi without having tasted the local traditions. From April to October, the bullfighting season is in full swing and the Arenas are a hotspot for Camargue races and bullfighting games.
  • The lighthouse in the center of the town, 6.4km – 22min by bike, 6.6km – 13min by car.
    it is the house of the old lighthouse, historical emblem of Grau-du-Roi which you can visit. A discovery space dedicated to the lighthouse and the world of fishing.
    This new space is part of the “city of fishing and fishermen” project.
  • La Marette, 10km – 30 min by bike, 12km – 16min by car.
    Maison du grand site de France, discovery trail of the landscape, fauna and flora of the Gard Camargue, a veritable ecomuseum. To be discovered on a free and self-guided tour or on a paying guided tour.

To go further, but not too far

  • Aigues Mortes, 5 km — 35 min by bike, 14 min by car.
    Medieval city, quite a story! Aigues-Mortes, the neighbor and its ramparts built between 1272 and 1300 which extend over a length of 1.6 km. Built by Saint-Louis, the ramparts and its inner city are unmissable. We appreciate the charm of the small streets and facades that hide architectural treasures. We are happy to get lost.
    Visits to the ramparts every day, escape game, treasure hunt and also visit to the famous Salins du Midi…
    Starting from Aigues-Mortes, we make a detour to the Carbonnière Tower which was built at the end of the 13th century, at the same time as the ramparts. More information right here.
  • La Grande Motte
    Built (just like Port Camargue) by Jean Balladur, it emerged from the sand 50 years ago. Its pyramid-shaped buildings make this seaside resort an atypical and very recognizable city.
    At the entrance to La Grande Motte, on the border with Grau du Roi, there is a tree climbing area, enough to delight the Tarzans who sleep in you!
  • Arles, 58km – 3h00 by bike, 1 hour by car.
    • Museum
    • Photo exhibition
    • Inheritance

    o More information about the city right here.

  • Nîmes, 52km – 2.h45 by bike, 52km – 55min by car.
    • Musée
    • Inheritance
    • Park and nature
  • Pont du Gard, 75km – 3h55 by bike, 71km 1h12 :
    Roman bridge, built in the 1st century AD, classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Spectacular.More information about the city right here.