The shops
The shopping Centre

At the Camping de l’Espiguette, there is also a shopping centre!

A set of small shops accessible from inside the campsite. No need to take the car, everything is within reach at the Espiguette campsite.

Late morning, would you like to relax on the terrace? The Bar Restaurant is the place to be. Tellines, gardiane, or french fry and burger with a cold drink accompanied by the birdsong. That’s what a real holiday is all about!

And if you prefer have an aperitif on the bungalow’s terrace, you’ll find what you need at the mini-market, which is also a bakery. A packet of crisps, some local tapenade toast, a bit of melon for freshness and that’s it.

Otherwise, the rotisserie, the campsite caterer, can also concoct a good paella or a pizza to share with your neighbours, you’ll see, they are delicious (words of a gourmet).

You will also find :

  • An ice-cream shop, because there is nothing better than a sweet treat to refresh yourself after a day at the beach. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, the great classics but also pistachio, lemon and many others, flavour. 
  • A tobacco/press shop, to keep up to date with news (but not too much). 
  • A clothing and beachwear shop. To keep you in fashion even on holiday. Estelle always has the latest practical and trendy items! 
  • A hair salon. What better time to take care of yourself than on holiday? After a lazy afternoon and before a summer evening Babette and Elodie will take care of your hair. 
  • A laundromat, we know, holidays don’t rhyme with housework, but it’s still very practical, and it’s open 24 hours a day. And your suitcase will thank you for not having to torture it to close it. 
  • A shop that rents bikes and refrigerators. If you don’t know it yet, the Grau du Roi and the Camargue have several cycle paths along which you can admire an exceptional fauna and flora. So go and visit Jéjé, hire a bike and get on with it!
    To find out the prices, click here ! 
  • A merry-go-round and a games room. We warn you, time passes faster there than elsewhere, it still remains a mystery. But it seems that time passes faster when you have fun.

All the services in the shopping centre are open 7 days a week from June until mid-September. Outside of this period, check the opening days.


Shops opening hours


  • The WIFI Hotspot
    The shopping center is also the place to be to connect to wifi (and follow us on Instagram and Facebook).
    A hot spot is available between two fangs in a pizza or coffee bar.