Our sustainable commitments
Camping de l’Espiguette

On the edge of the Grand Site de France de la Camargue Gardoise and in the heart of a Natura 2000 area, Camping de l’Espiguette is a natural part of a responsible tourism approach.

At the Espiguette campsite, the preservation of the environment is done through major investments but also through simple gestures in which we invite you to participate.

Our actions

  • Zero phyto, but what is this frog
    It’s the emblem of the zero phyto commitment label!
    The campsite is committed to eliminating the use of pesticides on its green space.
    No phytosanitary products have been used for several years, with the exception of a biological treatment of the palm trees.
    Weeding is mainly done manually and mechanically.
    Since then, this little frog has been proudly displayed at the entrance to the campsite!
  • Water recycling, In 2021, the aqualudic area was equipped with an AquaCleaner this is a system that recovers and recycles the water from the filter washes and makes it usable again for the pools and watering the park’s green spaces. After the zero Phyto objective, we are moving on to the zero waste water objective!
  • Swimming pool cover, this year a cover will be installed to avoid too much heat loss and thus consume less energy and bring more comfort to our holidaymakers.
  • Coco sweet, 35 Coco Sweets have been installed, an accommodation with a minimum impact on the environment with large openings for more visibility on nature.
  • Electric car charging station. 12 Green Up type charging points have been installed and are accessible with 2 packages (2 days 20€ 1 week 50€ Deposit 210€). Information at the campsite reception.
  • Bike shelter project Cyclists, we are thinking of you! We are working to be able to offer you a place to park your bikes in safety for more serenity.
  • Committed employees, all concerned by the environment
    Environmental charters are present in each department. For greater adherence to the process, seasonal and permanent staff have been involved and associated.
  • Sett award for ecology. This award was presented to us at the SETT show in Montpellier in 2021. It rewards campsites that are committed to an environmentally friendly approach. The Espiguette campsite is a large campsite of 42 hectares but we are aware of the importance and fragility of our environment. This is why we work every day to reduce our impact on our heritage.

Our actions with you

Responsible tourism is about minimising the impact of holidaymakers on their holiday destination. The aim To preserve the natural and immaterial heritage of a territory, of our territory, and for that we need your help.

  • Go by bike, we are close to a cycle track, favour soft mobility via the green way of Espiguette, in direct link with the Via Rhôna which makes it possible to join the Lake of Geneva to Sète! You’re on the right track for your next holiday! Otherwise you can simply use the cycle paths for your daily life visits, shopping, walks…!
  • Recycle your waste, 10 recycling areas and a composter are spread throughout the campsite. You have no more excuses 😊
  • Water : remember to use it with care. The showers in the sanitary facilities are equipped with push buttons and systems to reduce consumption. Water is a rare commodity, let’s respect it!
  • The project of a shared garden has been delayed a little by all the health events, but it is still in the pipeline. The project, a shared vegetable garden, so that campers, residents, employees of the campsite but also inhabitants of Grau du Roi can come and exchange and share around a tomato or courgette plant. Learn the good practices of permaculture and enjoy good products made in Espiguette.
  • Battery collector : You will find it at the reception of the campsite, last year, thanks to you, we were able to recycle nearly 12.5 kg, we count on you to increase this figure this year, so take your used batteries!

Cleaning operations are organized regularly

  • C’est du propre : Event organized by the city and the marine institute on the occasion of the 24h of the environment. Our campsite opens up for a morning to allow everyone to come and clean our great sandbank.
  • World Clean Up day : This world day of collecting wild waste takes place in more than 180 countries, to clean the planet, to protect the oceans, the fauna, the flora and our future. The Camping de l’Espiguette participates.

Committed animations

At the Espiguette campsite, we have chosen to focus many of our activities on sustainable development. We can take advantage of the vacations to give a helping hand to nature while having fun! This year you will discover new activities focused on the protection of our environment. We don’t want to spoiler the program of the animations to come but here are some examples :

  • Abandonment of goodies during the animations, we refuse the valorisation of impacting objects, manufactured in precarious social conditions, at the other end of the world leading to a strong carbon footprint. All these small objects quickly forgotten and which pollute our houses, our spaces… our planet!
  • Animations in partnership with the Marine Institute Many interventions are made in partnership with the Marine Institute.
  • Les légo du turfu, (the turfu = the future?) artistic creation from waste.
  • Do it Yourself : ZERO WASTE WORKSHOP, with the help of a convinced and convincing animator, we make our own cosmetics and household products. Very soft for our planet.

Let’s think about the environment even during the vacations!

10 actions to adopt