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Promotional videos about Camping de l'Espiguette

- 2017 video -

Report on Sept à Huit - Summer 2018

sept a huit camping espiguette vignette

SEPT A HUIT - With 2,100 tent pitches and 479 mobile homes, over 42 hectares, it is one of the biggest campsites in France. Located near Montpellier, it welcomes around 10,000 visitors per year to a protected site. There is something for every budget.

12 August 2018 21:21 - The LCI editorial team It is one of the biggest campsites in France, Camping de l’Espiguette, at Le Grau du Roi, in the Gard. Forty-two hectares, almost 10,000 tourists at the height of the summer season.. And it has its “regulars”… Some holidaymakers have even bought their own pitch.

This video is from the programme Sept à Huit Life on Sunday 12 August presented by Harry Roselmack and broadcast on TF1.

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