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Top 5 water sports activities

Just a few days ago, the opening of FISE took place at Le Grau du Roi, in the Port-Camargue area! Between the wakesurf world cup and wakeboard demonstrations, let’s discover together the 5 other fun and refreshing water sports activities to fill your summer with joy! Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit! Let’s set off to enjoy the delights of the Mediterranean sea together...

bouee tractee Top 5 des activités nautiques de Port Camargue



1, 3 or 4 places on the donut - treat yourself to some unforgettable and awesome sensations this summer! Tubing is one of the activities on offer at Port-Camargue for the enjoyment of our holidaymakers.

Wearing a full wetsuit and a life jacket, hang onto your donut to be sure not to fall off when you hit the first wave! What kind of boat pulls the tube? For even more extreme sensations, the boats that pull the tubes have strong horsepower. Without speed, you won’t get the same enjoyment. So, will you be brave enough to let a boat guide you through the waves this summer?



jet ski Top 5 des activités nautiques de Port Camargue

For water sports enthusiasts who enjoy speed and extreme sensations, jet-skiing awaits you with open arms. As a driver or passenger, the experience is equally awesome. Travel along the length of the sandy beach of Port-Camargue and feel the warm Mediterranean winds on your skin.

With or without a licence, this is the perfect afternoon activity among friends. A mixture of sport and discovery, jet-skiing is a water sports activity that is very popular along the Camargue coastline. Impress your friends as you steer the powerful motor - you won’t forget this experience! When you get back to Camping de l’Espiguette, you will have quite a story to tell as you enjoy a good meal or an evening of summer entertainment.


Sail boat or Catamaran

voilier Top 5 des activités nautiques de Port Camargue


So many people share the enjoyment of sailing and there are a number of ways to fulfil this desire at Port-Camargue. For a sportier outing, the catamaran is an option you can rely on. Very light, fast and sporty, the catamaran is an excellent opportunity for an energising expedition!

On the contrary, for those familiar with the Mediterranean coastline, the sailing boat remain the wisest option. You can float along in time with the breeze as you savour every moment under the sun. Many resorts at Le Grau-du-Roi Port-Camargue offer trips out to sea. You can always find an opportunity to get away from everything for a while.



planch a voile Top 5 des activités nautiques de Port Camargue

Wind surfing is a water sport that is very popular on the Mediterranean. Beneath the powerful mistral and tramontane winds, you can travel along the coastline.

Several “spots” (places that are suitable for wind surfing) await you for maximum pleasure:


Kite Surfing

kite surf Top 5 des activités nautiques de Port Camargue

A very popular sport on the Mediterranean coast, we already tackled this subject on our blog. This important thing is to help you understand the basics of this sport. Controlling the sail is the most important point when it comes to kitesurfing. Knowing your sail, mastering the rules of safety and learning how to steer your kite are the first concepts to learn. Don’t panic! Everyone has the ability to practice this sport

First and foremost, you should enjoy yourself! Taste the joys of the training sessions to excess before heading out to sea. A number of schools await you along the 18 km of beach at Le Grau du Roi, to help you appreciate and fall in love with this sport.


There are many other waves of nautical activities to try!

Synonymous with joy, happiness, pleasure and sport, summer is the perfect period to let go! These various water-based activities will offer you all the adrenalin or the comfort you require for a successful summer holiday. You can also try your hand at “Stand Up Paddle”, and discover some new sensations. Feel free to share your athletic performance with us!