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Eco-tourism at the campsite

The Camargue is a unique landscape that must be preserved. Camping de l’Espiguette is committed to a sustainable development approach!


 Why is eco-tourism important?

Responsible tourism minimises the impact of holidaymakers on their chosen holiday destination. What’s the point? To preserve the natural and intangible heritage of a region. 

At Le Grau du Roi, preserving natural sites happens through simple gestures. Share the values of Camping de l’Espiguette through its sustainable development approach.

Tucked away at the heart of the Camarguais regional park, Camping de l'Espiguette is a natural part of responsible tourism. Everyday commitment to sustainable development is an essential value at Camping de l'Espiguette.

  • Camping without a car
  • Get around by bike
  • Several services on-site
  • Sort your waste
  • Water: remember to use it wisely