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Anti-mosquito tips

10 tips for keeping mosquitoes at bay.

Camping de l'Espiguette is located in a natural protected area. As a consequence of this, mosquito eradication operations are supervised the EID, the Interdepartmental mosquito eradication cooperation body of the Mediterranean coastline.

  • Get rid of stagnant and standing water
    Mosquitoes love still, warm water. This is where they lay their eggs. Remember to empty any buckets, basins, saucers or other recipients outdoors.  
  • Apply anti-mosquito products generously
  • More info EID Méditerranée
  • Light lemon grass candles
  • Light anti-mosquito coils
  • Light incense made from natural plants and essential oils
  • Wear an anti-mosquito bracelet
  • Diffuse essential oils
  • Anti-mosquito plugs or a mosquito net  
  • Blue light lamp