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Jeux et mississipi jeux copie

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To enjoy your holidays, our team has planned a full program: aerobic, beach volley, blowpipe, martial arts, painting, sculpture, for all ages and all levels.

To know proposed activities, go in respective pages or in the part " blog Espi ", you will find an updated schedule.

Otherwise, to prolong the pleasure of the day, and after the competition of petanque game, you can attend the musical evenings at the Camping of l’Espiguette : shows, Deejays, imitations, demonstrations…

You’ll love it. Games room: baby foot, game consoles, and electronic games, are also entertainment really appreciated by teenagers. And for the little one you’ll find a carousel, catch stuffed animals and eat cotton candy !!!



Salle de jeux l'heure de jouer


Imagine a kind of large ocean liner moored right in the middle of the camping site ! Open from may to october.

When you get near, there is no sound of engines and no sirens, just the shouts of happy children !

This is the “SPLASH” or more exactly a set of water games, toboggans and pools for big and little one and it’s all free. Come aboard the Splash!

jeux aquatiques     


Beware, great excitement in store !
A breathtaking 45° slope running from a height of 10 metres.
You need bravery to try it!

pouic 02 splash camping espiguette


Enter a strange world of unknown sensations... Total darkness. In a short-radius double spiral, you no longer know what direction you are sliding in... The Black Hole» is cosmic !

black hole

The MULTIPISTES (multi track)
For the kings of speed, for the most daring challenges. The best go down standing up, skimming the surface!

The DOUBLE BOUCLE (double loop)
75 meters to get down all together, you think you’ll never get to the end!


Games in water


05 ambiance espiguette mini baby beach 


Mississipi jeu dans leau Mississipi et jeux parc aquatique


By walk or bike you could find Sea, beach and sun as far as the eyes can see !!!

This beach that the reputation is well established is unique. it is a regional marvel!! If you decide to go to sea from the campsite, you will be fascinated by the beauty of the landscape !! And you could cross fishermen, divers, kayakers, windsurfers and seagulls !! Our beach is not a naturist one but you could find one less than 5 km!! A launch for your boat is provided too !!

It's easy, just go straight forward !

On foot or by bike, you can't be wrong.

From the private port, just follow the dam and you'll meet fishermen and divers, windsurfers and kitesurfers !

beach1 beach2


Evening Organized


soiréee1 soiréee2


soiréee3 soiréee4


Sport Activities

To be easier for you, the schedule is established in advance. You could find it at the reception or on the internet. A young team, motivated and dynamic will guide you through the chosen activity. 

Program : fitness, bodybuilding, archery, “big ball”, pool gymnastics, and to enjoy beach and sand: hand ball, rugby, golf, Frisbee, volleyball, hockey… and also some family game like fishing contest, sand castle…

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The children's activities

A active and playful program for children between 5yo and 12yo : Blowpipe, self defense, mosaic work, painting, sculpture, salt dough, treasure hunt, mini Olympics, cooking, carriage, mini golf, various games, make up artistry, jewelry making, plaster masks, etc…

They are free for your children who are supervised by our team of animators. A predetermined program is available for the season, but can evolve. So, you can leave your children for all day long, to enjoy activities too or to have some time free.

enfantact1 enfantact2


Petanque field

For fans of bowls, you could play or just watch different bowls games. Entertainment are supported and offered by the campsite. You just need the take you accessories.

boulodrome de l espiguette animation jeu de boules


Playground for children


65 aire jeux espiguette aire de jeux camping espiguette

caroussel espiguette carrousel espiguette

carrousel espiguette carrousel espiguette


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